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Work With Me 


What I Do


Recordings / Vocals  

Sung and spoken vocals whether lead or background

* Prices vary depending on the project.  


Voice Acting Lessons 

From audio books to animation, and everything in between, learn how to diversify your vocal profile to create different characters, relay information, and even write and edit scripts. 

€ 50 per Hour 


Voice Lessons 

 In depth holistic voice lessons covering vocal technique, care and miatenence, as well as music theory and sight-reading. 

€  50 per Hour


Lyric/ Poetry Writing

Creating or editing lyrics for single tracks, EPs, or other projects.  Consulting on existing work.

*Prices vary depend on the project.

"It felt like teamwork... I learnt how to let go of self doubt. I was able to see great improvement in my singing"

Maxi  L. 

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